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Installing Prestashop 1.5

In this post we will be installing Prestashop 1.5. Installing Prestashop 1.5 is very easy because there is a good wizard included with Prestashop 1.5. Please note that Prestashop 1.5 is in development phase and should not be used for production purposes. You can read about Prestashop 1.5 features here in this post. Have you read the other post, YES, OK, lets start Installing Prestashop 1.5 .

Downloading Prestashop 1.5 : First of all download Prestashop 1.5 from Prestashop site. You will get a zipped file of about 13.2 MB size.  Unzip the file and you will have all files in the prestashop folder. Now you have to upload the files to your server.

Starting Installation of Prestashop 1.5 : When uploading files to the server is completed, the next step is installing Prestashop 1.5. Type your server url where you have uploaded your files and the Prestashop 1.5 Installation wizard will start as below.

Installing Prestashop 1.5
Welcome Screen of Prestashop 1.5 Installation

In the welcome screen of Prestashop 1.5 Installation, select your language for the Installation wizard and then accept the Terms and Conditions like shown in the above screen. After that click on the Next button and you will be on System Compatibility step of the Installation as shown in the below screen shot.

Installing Prestashop 1.5
System Compatibility

In system compatibility, PHP parameters and write permissions on files are required section, and should be ok for all. If your PHP parameters are not configured as required for Prestashop 1.5, then please contact your hosting providers to do the appropriate settings for you. If some files require file permissions, then using FileZilla Ftp client, you can give easily permissions to the required files are folder. the optional Setup section has only those parameters which are not required, but are best to be available. Now make sure all configurations are available and then click Next and you will be on System Configuration step, where you will need to create a database and setup the shop email settings as below.

Installing Prestashop
System Configuration

Creating Database for Prestashop 1.5 : A database is required for Installing Prestashop 1.5. In the database all data is stored for your shop. Creating a database is also as easy as Installing Prestashop 1.5. You will need to have access to your hosting manager. Different hosting providers are providing different Hosting Managers like CPanel, Plesk etc. etc. To create a database in Cpanel, please watch below video.

And for Plesk please watch this video.

Now when you create the database for Prestashop 1.5, then get database name, user name, password and host (normally for majority servers, the host is always localhost. But for some servers it is different.).  Enter all the above information and to the database configuration. Keep the Database engine InnoDB . If you want to change the tables prefix, then change it according to your shop name, but please keep it as small as you can with an underscore, else there is no problem to keep it ps_ . After entering all the information, click on Verify now button. If all settings are fine, then you will see a Database connected message, else you will see an error message. Correct all errors accordingly if you have any.

Next you have to configure mail delivery settings. By default Prestashop 1.5 is using PHP mail function for all emails. But you can also configure SMTP but it is for advanced used, and leave it as it is. To test whether your server is sending emails or not, just enter your email in the text field, and click send a test email button. If you get an email, then congratulation, your server is sending emails fine. Click Next to proceed with Installing Prestashop 1.5 .

Shop Configuration : Now in this step, you have to enter your shop details as shown in the below screen shot.

Installing Prestashop 1.5
Shop Configuration

All the details in the above screen shot are self explanatory. Enter your shop name, select the activity of the shop like Electronics, Software, Babies etc etc. Install demo products which are good to test prestashop, select your country and time zone. If you have your shop logo, then select the logo in the logo filed.  Enter your First and Last name. Most important things are Email and Password. Enter the desired email and the password. These email and password will be used to login to your shop admin. If you want to get those entered details in email, then select the check box labeled receive this information by email, and you will get all the details in an email. Click next to proceed with Installing Prestashop 1.5.

Now the final installation is started and you will see the installation progress as below.

Installing Prestashop
Installation Progress

In this step, Prestashop 1.5 creates the database tables, configurations files, installs test products and modules and also installs theme. After the Installing is completed you will see the below screen.

Installing Prestashop 1.5
Installation Completed

Now your installation is complete. Before you go forward to check your shop just installed, you have to do two most important things related to your shop security. First go to the site root and delete the “Install” folder. Second rename the “admin” folder to another name you like.  After that click on the Front Office box, and you will be on your shop front end. Admin link will not work at this time as you renames admin folder. So type the front end url and after that type your admin folder like , and you will be at login page of your Prestashop 1.5 store. Enter your email and password you entered while Installing Prestashop 1.5 , and click login.  There you will be at Prestashop 1.5 new Admin Panel.

So how was Installing Prestashop 1.5 , was not it easy, give me your comments about this post 🙂 .

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