Prestashop LogoThis article is an Introduction to Prestashop, an open source E-Commerce system is built in PHP. It is a very sophisticated E-Commerce system. In the market there are other Open Source E Commerce systems also, but prestashop is more powerful, featured and mostly used. It has all features which are required for an online shop. Some features are unlimited product categories, unlimited products, shopping cart, order emails, users management, employees management, orders management, payment gateways etc etc.

Some of the features are implemented directly to the core of the Prestashop, and some of the features are implemented by modules. Prestashop has all kinds of modules built in for free which are required for an E Commerce system. It has famous payment gateways, shipping modules, other front end features module, an ajax base shopping cart module, site statistics modules and a lot of more modules

Prestashop has a very nice template structure. It uses smarty in templates. In versions before 1.4.x , prestashop was having a different structure for templates and for the whole front end, but in version 1.4.x Prestashop has made changes in the system and made it more effective for fast running of the site. The new features they have added to this E Commerce system in version 1.4.x are One page checkout, Guest Checkout, more shipping modules like UPS, USPS, Fedex and more, a sophisticated cache system due to which the site performance is very fast now and site loads very quickly,  and another best feature which i love the most is the Webservices.

Prestashop admin also has different themes now, and you can enable the theme you like. The CMS section of Prestashop is modified and it has categories now, which is a great feature. There are also much more features added to Prestashop admin which are beyond the scope of this post as it is just an Introduction to Prestashop.

Prestashop, an open source E-Commerce system has a lot of features which one will need at his/her site and you will enjoy using Prestashop as your Shopping Cart.

I hope you will like Introduction to Prestashop, an open source E-Commerce system post, please give your feedback below.