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Increment operator overloading in C++

Increment operator in C++ is used to increase the value of a variable by 1 or some other fixed interval. normally it is used in loops. Now increment operator overloading is used for our self-defined variables or classes in C++, the code is given below:

    //Increment operator overloading in C++
    using namespace std;
    class point{
        int x,y;
            x =0;
            y = 0;
        friend ostream&operator<< (ostream& cin, point& z){
            cin<<z.x<<"  "<<z.y<<endl;
            return cin;
        friend istream&operator>>(istream& a, point& z)
            return a;
        friend point&operator ++(point& a)
            return a;
    int main(){
        point n;

In the above code we defined our own point class, we overloaded stream insertion and extraction operators, In the increment operator overloading function we get a point variable as an argument and then selected each data member of the point object and incremented it and returned a whole point variable

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