Area of Geometric Shapes in C++

In this C++ program the area of geometric shapes (circle, rectangle, and triangle) is calculated easily through classes by asking the user a choice that which shape he wants to deal with, the code is:

    //area of geometric shapes in C++
    using namespace std;
    #define pi 3.141592654
    #define full 2.0
    int square(int x)
    return x*x;
    // class declration
    class Area{
        int X,Y;    //taking two argumnet data members
        Area(int x,int y):X(x),Y(y){} //constructor with two argumnets 
        //data functions
        float circle(int x,int y)    //for area of the circle
            cout<<"ntttArea of the Circle is :";
            return pi*square(x);
        float rectangle(int l,int w) //for area of the rectangle
            cout<<"ntttArea of the Rectangle is :";
            return l*w;
        float triangle(int b,int h)    //for area of the triangle
            cout<<"ntttArea of the Triangle is :";
            return (b*h)/full;
    }; //class end
    void fun() // function for clear screen and Sleep
        Sleep(2000);cout<<"nntttReturning to Menu";
        for (int i=0;i<=5;i++)
            cout<<" .";
    } // fun end
    // main body
    int main(void)
        int first,second,choice;
        cout<<"nEnter the first argument :";cin>>first;
        cout<<"nEnter the second argument :";cin>>second;
        Area instance(first,second);// set the value by pass to the constructor of the object called instance
        while (1) {    // loop for infinite running expect when 4 is pressed which is terminating case 
                    cout << "nttt --------------MENU ------------ " << endl
                    << "ttt      Press 1. Area of Circle " << endl
                    << "ttt      Press 2. Area of Rectangle" << endl
                    << "ttt      Press 3. Area of Triangle" << endl
                    << "ttt      Press 4. To Exit " << endl
                    << "nttt ------------------------------- " << endl
                    << "tttYour Choice :";
                case 1:
                cout<<,second);fun();//passing by value the function for area of circle by the object        
                case 2:
                cout<<instance.rectangle(first,second);fun();// same for the other functions
                case 3:
                case 4:
                exit(1);    // termninating case to escpae from while and terminate
                cout<<"Wrong Input ";// for other wrong inputs
        return 0;

The functions with relative comments are mentioned in the above code, the user is first asked to enter the arguments and then a menu appears offering the area of shape the user needs to select.

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